Inner turmoils and outer stimuli create reverberations in the inner-most senses and an Art form emerges. ‘Movement’ and ‘Space’ have been my props and my wonder. ‘Movement’ is an essential ingredient of life and ‘Space’ allows limitless possibilities. My occupation with Nature and its elements, often depicting human emotions, has continued in different forms through various phases of my Art career, spanning five decades and several countries. The earlier work was mainly abstract. Then emerged semi-abstract images, akin to landscapes and shadowy figures. Later came a period of figurative portraiture of women in distress. My most recent work is entitled “Baagh Bikhar Gaya” or “The Garden Scattered” series in acrylic paintings and collographs in semi-abstract form.

Join me in a conducted tour of my Art Gallery and some of my works exhibited in solo exhibitions and group shows I had in Italy, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, England, France, Nigeria and Canada.